TULIP – "Build your own app"

TULIP empowers front line workers to digitize manufacturing processes:

  • Human centric: Create user-friendly and functional apps that improve the productivity.
  • No code: Enable anyone with the ability to build fully-functional apps with our visual app designer.
  • App template library: Start from scratch or customize an App Template to fit your needs.

TULIP simplifies the digital manufacturing adoption. Manufacturing workforce and engineers can easily create apps via a drag and drop interface and integrate them with existing systems. This no-code approach is designed with the needs of production lines in mind. It enables them to collect and analyze data in real time, without any programming know-how.

TULIP simply explained

Human centric
No code
App template library

Human centric

Interactive work instructions in spindle assembly at Deckel Maho Pfronten GmbH
  • Empowers front line workers to digitize processes
  • Bottom-up approach enables digital solutions

No code

Visual TULIP App-Builder with Drag & Drop interface
  • Build your own app without software know-how
  • Helps operators to perform complex tasks

App template library

Easily customizable app templates
  • Powerful best in class tools
  • Innovate faster with out-of-the-box templates
Focus on Assambly
Work instructions
Quality & defects tracking
Production visibility

Work instructions

Visual step-by-step instructions reduce error rates and enable faster training in complex tasks
  • Compliance Instructions
    Require user input and explicitly a traceable record
  • Flow Work Instructions
    Sensor-triggered instructions that automatically engage with user
  • Customized Products
    Guide operators as they build low volumes, high variability products
  • Gamified Work Instructions
    Randomized steps on your work instructions to increase engagement
  • Personalized Work Instructions
    Adapt instructions based on the skill level and training of operators

Quality & defects tracking

TULIP Analytics breaks processes down to the interaction and enables data-bases process optimizations
  • Root cause analysis
    Identify and solve quality root causes in real-time
  • Rework Management
    Define dynamic rework loops for different defects
  • In-line Audit
    Responsive checklists with realtime quality alerts
  • ​​​​​​​Prep to Ship
    Perform quality inspections before shipping a product
  • Visual Quality Inspection
    Take pictures of parts for quality inventory
  • Defect tracking and Analysis
    Collect all defects and deviation and generate a pareto chart

Production visibility

Automated collection and analysis of real-time data on error rates and quality issues
  • Production
    Gain visibility on what has been produced up to a certain time
  • Mobile line supervision
    See what goes on the shop floor from your mobile or tablet
  • Job Tracking
    Track tools, WIP, rework through maintenance, value chain and refurb workflows
  • Cycle Time
    See if operators are above or below target cycle times
  • Machine Shop Visibility
    Know which machine produced which part and who was involved with it
  • Part Tracking
    Track parts as they move along the production line
  • Work order routing
    Track which operator is doing which job and how long it takes them
  • ​​​​​​​Tool Tracking
    Catalog of tools tracked through production

TULIP on DMG MORI spindle line at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten

After all, digitization is human-centered. With the no-code platform, employees can autonomously create manufacturing apps. TULIP is the ideal entry into digitization mainly for our medium-sized customers.

Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT

After just four weeks, we have 20 % increase in production and 10% reduction of failure rates.

Mr. Musch, Managing Director DECKEL MAHO Pfronten

TULIP shows me step by step what to do. It is impossible to make a mistake.

GEno, Final QA Operator, Dentsply

TULIP's real-time insights let us uptimize even low-volume production runs.

Justin, Operations Manager, Jabil